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Hey, wow?Woody?Buzz?

Throughout the Toy Story movies, Andy Davis, the owner of the many magical toys was the soul of the series and the character whom all the toys wanted to please. By the end of the third outing, Andy was ready to give away his many toy friends to the little girl Bonnie, but prior to that, he shared some daring and exciting adventures with his gang of adorable friends.

The DAH brand of Dynamic 8ction Heroes from the Beast Kingdom is back with a new form factor, and bundles of charm to boot! The release of DAH-015 Buzz Lightyear, and the DAH-016 Woody, was met with fanfare the world over. Now, Toy Story fans can enjoy two of the human characters from the movies, the cherished hero: DAH-027 Andy Davis and the big meanie and toy bully: DAH-033 Sid Phillips! A perfect pair of good vs bad, ready to take on all the Toys on your desk.

Based on the newly developed DAH Child’s body frame, the 1/9 scale, highly articulable figure has over 20 movable joints and points of articulation. A perfectly formed body that is easily arranged for collectors to enjoy their favorite scenes from the movies! The set includes three replaceable faces with unique expressions, four pairs of replicable hands, the classic red cowboy hat, miniature Woody as well as Buzz Lightyear toys, and a special stand with Andy’s name and the Toy Story logo printed on the front. Taking cues from his earlier years as a fun-loving child, the adorable Andy is dressed with his two favorite sets of clothing. Using real cloth the DAH-027 includes a green top with denim shorts as well as a white top, with blue shorts. Collectors can mix and match to create the perfect combo!

For fans of the Toy Story series this is one set not to be missed, make sure to also add the DAH-033 Sid Phillips and his trusted, evil dog Scud to complete the collection!

Special Features:
Newly developed, DAH Child’s body frame with over 20 points of articulation
Three (3) interchangeable faces
Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands
Cowboy hat
Two (2) toy accessories: Mini Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Two (2) sets of clothes:
Green top + denim shorts
Whitetop + blue shorts

Special, branded figure base with bracket

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm